1.What kind of concerts can I watch?
In the case of purchasing a Standard Ticket, you can watch it on our website
And in the case of purchasing a VR Ticket, you can download the application onto the VR headset and view it on the Application VR.
The concert will be accessible worldwide according to Thai timezone (UTC)
1. Select the event you want. Read the terms and conditions of the event and the card in its entirety. Then press the button “Check Ticket Price”.
2. Read the details and conditions of each card type. Choose the number of cards you want then press the "Buy Ticket" button.
3. Fill in cardholder information (If the ticket purchaser is an attendee, choose " Same as the ticket purchaser". The information will be automatically filled in.And then verify that the information is correct, as this information will be displayed on your ticket and cannot be changed later.
4. Once the order list is complete, select "Confirm Order" to go to the checkout page
After payment, E-Ticket will be sent via email or click on "View My Card" button to check your E-Ticket immediately.
To make a new transaction or cancel the order, press the "Cancel Order" button, the system will cancel the order immediately.
Select your preferred payment method. You can see the five payment methods as follows:

1. Pay via credit/debit card
2. Pay by Bank transfer
3. Bill payment
4. Pay via K Plus
5. Payment via Alipay